Rivet Wars Painting Competition

Thank you so much for all of your entries for the Rivet Wars Painting Competition. We had 144 entries in total, making this one of the biggest painting competitions on CMON! And the contest with the overall highest quality entries! Great job guys!


As for that one special entry that Ted picked personally, we have this from Ted:

“The entries for the painting contest were amazing. I was blown away to see so many talented artists choose to take part in this Rivet Wars contest. I’d like to thank everyone for adding to the Rivet Wars world through their creativity and hard work. It was difficult to pick only one entry from so many great works.

In the end, the entry by Mananarepublic stood out for several reasons. The details are incredible from the chips on the helmets, the faded symbols to the highlights on the brass. The figures are also clean and yet have a sense of being in the trenches, their equipment worn with use. Plus each soldier is a unique character. There is the grayed panzerfaust who has seen too many winters, the bright eyed allied rifleman, the disgruntled soldier resetting his rocket, and the steeley-eyed lieutenant. These miniatures each tell a story and together form a superb display of artistic skill and craftsmanship.”

Thank you again for all the great entries, until next time!